The Warrior Relay is an ekiden style relay. What makes an ekiden different than what we popularly know as a relay race, is the fact that the team time as a whole is registered and individual time within the team is not. Like a relay, team members are distributed along the course, each running their section of the run. Each runner passes a timing bracelet that is worn to each progressive runner. The bracelet carries the team timing chip.

Why an ekiden in the Warrior Run? An ekiden is a pure team event, where each participant must be a part of the team. Like a military team, each participant will succeed or fail with the entire team.

There will be four open age classes for Female, Male and Co-ed. Each team member will register individually but will be required in the Runsignup app to create or select a team.  

The Warrior Run Ekiden will consist of four legs. Leg one will go from the start to about the 2.25 mile mark, this leg is all down-hill and fast. Leg two will go from the 2.25 mile for 1.83 mile to the water station, this leg is ½ down-hill and ½ flat or slight hills. Leg 3 runs from the water station to the Yellowstone Kelly Interpretive Site 1.86 miles and is ALL HILLS. Leg four runs from the interpretive site to the finish, a 2.56  mile gradual uphill climb.

Leg Four 2.56 miles

Montana Warrior Run - Billings
​Saturday May 23 - 2020

Warrior Relay

Leg Three 1.86 miles

Leg One 2.25 miles

Leg Two 1.83 miles